Awards dinner

Under The Sea Themed Corporate Event

Not only does an awards dinner give a company chance to publicly thank and reward those who have produced particularly outstanding results, but it also give employees, suppliers and clients a chance to mix outside of the office environment. This is good for both morale and developing stronger relationships.

Having designed and organised a wide variety of gala dinners and ceremonies over the last decade, The Angels Events have found that the most well received awards dinner is one that is heavily themed and interactive; a space filled with a plethora of entertainment and decor that guests can use as talking points and conversation starters.

On arrival at Stoneleigh Park, the 950 guests were welcomed by Neptune King Of The Sea in his flowing shimmery robes. Further into the reception area, around the oversized coral banks, shell seating and 10mtr shipwreck with a hidden internal bar, roamed crab stilt walkers, bubble men, the queen of Atlantis, and glitter artists to give guests a little under the sea shimmer of their own.

To access the dining area guests led by the fabulous Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, made their way through an opulent deep wall of fabric columns, emulating waves and shafts of light in the sea. Dining tables were dressed in four different shades of blue cloths, surrounded with clear perspex chairs. Bubble, coral and internally illuminated jelly fish table centres combined with creative under the sea lighting brought the space to life and left guests utterly in awe as 3mtr jellyfish acrobats danced the night away over the top of the tables.

If you’d like to see more of The Angels Events creatively themed awards dinners, please take a look at our portfolio.


“Regardless of your experience of hosting events, The Angels Events team can add value to a seasoned professional or, as in my case an absolute novice. I found the team great to work with and really enjoyed the planning process; whilst they provided a huge amount of creative input, they also encouraged me to bring my own ideas to the table which they then turned into a reality which far exceeded my wildest expectations.

Despite the obvious challenge of making a success of such large events, the team are always positive and friendly to work with and, above all, great at getting things done. I would highly recommend them.”


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