Charity Ball Décor


Over the last 15 years, The Firecracker Ball has become one of the leading events in Yorkshire’s social calendar. This status has been established and grown not only due to the outstanding Harrogate venue at which it is held, the incredible prizes the committee raise each year, and the headline entertainment secured, but the lengths at which The Angels Events go to to out-do the design of the ball each year. The Willy Wonka theme was no exception. As Charity Ball decor goes, this was by far one of the most imaginative and intelligent builds the guests had ever seen.

As guests stepped out of Rudding Park house and into the starlit marquee, gasps of excitement could be heard all around. As guests weaved their way through the candyfloss forest, they were met by singing flowers, toadstool seating areas, oversized candy canes, and giant lollypops, until they reached the iron Willy Wonka gates. Just beyond the gates, guests arrived at a flowing chocolate river surrounded by beds of flowers and lollypops. To reach their tables guests were guided over the river by Willy Wonka’s team of oompa loompas. Woodland trees dressed with over sized sweeties grew through the centre of half the dining tables, while giant candy canes and twinkling lanterns adorned the rest. Compere Jon Hammond, in character as Willy Wonka himself, worked the room and raised just shy of a further £300,000 for Barnardo’s.

If you’d like The Angels Events to design your charity ball decor, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

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