Should we postpone our wedding due to the new church ceremony restrictions?

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Amongst all of the news stories swirling around the internet at the moment, you may have noticed the news that some church wedding ceremonies are now temporarily restricted to 5 people (the vicar, the couple getting married, and two witnesses).

Many couples with upcoming weddings are facing uncertainties, and ask themselves the question “what do we do now”?

Some couples are deciding to postpone their entire wedding (ceremony, reception et al) to later in the year, or even 2021/2022. Some we’ve spoken to however, are still choosing to go ahead with the limited ceremony on offer by the church, simply because they are so excited and don’t want to have to wait to be married. If this is you (you romantic things!) we have just the solution. Put on your beautiful suits and dresses, get hitched with two of your nearest and dearest to share the special moment, and bask in the newlywed glow for a few months.

Then, give your family and friends something to look forward to later in the year, by throwing a wedding afterparty (think of it as your wedding reception, but a little belated)! Also, it’s an excuse to wear your gorgeous wedding attire and get dolled up, and celebrate your love all over again!

As many of your guests will have missed out on the “legal” ceremony, get an incredible wedding celebrant on board, who can hold an incredibly beautiful and highly personal (but non-legally binding) “commitment” ceremony. We’ve witnessed quite a few of these in our time, and they are always full of funny, personal and emotional moments, and no two are ever the same.

We love the idea of a late-summer garden party, with lots of delicious food and drink, flowers, and great entertainment. A stretch tent is great for warmer months, which can be installed in almost any size of garden. If you’re blessed with a larger amount of outdoor space, we think sperry or sailcloth tents are stunning too. Dress them with lovely flowers and beautiful table décor as is the tradition, or do something with more of a relaxed festival vibe if that’s more your style! The best thing about a garden celebration is due to holding it at home, you’ll not be bound to the availability of wedding venues.

The relaxed setting of a garden party is just perfect for more casual dining – think feasting boards with roast meats, bbq food, or even antipasti. Street food trailers are another more quirky option, such as wood-fired pizza, authentic tacos, gourmet burgers and thai food. Either hire a bar structure and staff and provide your own drinks, or hire in a bartending service who can provide everything for you (a great cocktail menu always goes down a storm!)

Great entertainment is always a must for a wedding reception – whether it be an acoustic set, brass band, or DJ, fill the space with music, laughter and dancing. is Your wedding afterparty could still have all of the traditional elements of a wedding such as speeches, a first dance and a beautiful cake. Weave these in throughout the day, and your guests will be able to share these special moments with you first-hand. We always recommend getting an incredible photographer to capture the day for you, so you can look back on these moments for years to come.

Hopefully, this idea could be the perfect compromise for some couples, and would be something amazing for you, your family and friends to look forward to over the coming months. Whatever you decide to do, and whenever you decide to do it, we hope you have an incredible wedding day. Should you need help organising the perfect wedding celebration or party, please to get in touch. We’d love to assist you in creating your special day.


Love, The Angels Events x

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On 22.03.2020 @ 03:03pm Anita Massarella wrote:

This is such a good article, with lots of excellent suggestions.
Reasons that are both positive and practical.
Best of all, suggestions to keep everyone happy, and prolong and celebrate your wedding event over a longer period.
I highly recommend it.
Anita Massarella

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