Themed Wedding

Why have one wedding day when you could have two!

Producing the romantic and intimate wedding of your dreams while also considering the needs and wants of all your guests, especially when such a number of them are children, is not always an easy task. At The Angels Events it is found that the children vs. no children debate is one of the hardest decisions that couples have to make. So, rather than making a decision, Sadie and Matt chose to do both!

The result was a picture perfect luxury wedding at Swinton Park for simply closest family and friends, filled with luscious florals and a stunning 5-tier wedding cake, and a Victorian Fair themed wedding on the grounds of Ye Olde Bell, one weekend after another. What a perfect excuse to wear your wedding dress twice!

When many people think themed wedding, their mind races to an episode of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, however with The Angels Events planning your wedding, this would never be the case!

Around the grounds of Ye Olde Bell were filled with vintage fairground rides, a beautifully painted helter skelter, golden carousel, tarot card reading fortune teller, and a traditional coconut shy. Stretch tents surrounded with festoon lighting were filled with children’s play areas, personalised vintage sweetie stalls and themed food stations. A brass band roamed the pathways, while acrobats and actors wowed and entertained guests throughout the afternoon. Guests felt as though they were truly stepping onto a film set.

Little did the Bride and Groom know, the Bride’s father had asked The Angels Events to organise a surprise private concert by the band at whose gig the couple had met years earlier. There was not a guest with a dry eye by the end of the performance as the Bride and Groom hugged with the band, and guests continued to dance late into the evening while children were happily entertained in the fairground.

Everythingyou canimagine is real